Market Researchers In Action

At Bateleur we use a wide range of methodologies to find out what your staff, your suppliers and your customers are thinking. This “perceptual landscape” then forms the foundation upon which to strategically align your business activities to meet customer needs better than your competitors do.
The result? Increased market share, increased profit!

 Brand Positioning

These projects focus on perceptions about brands and how well they satisfy consumer’s needs

 Employee & Supplier Engagement

Surveys with a view to developing management strategies designed to create energy and efficiency amongst employees and suppliers

 Product Concept & Research

Designed to develop, fine tune and verify product concepts and finished products in order to improve consumer acceptance thereof

 Product Launch Monitor (PLM)

A system of gauging consumer feedback on the various stages of a product launch

 Triggers & Barriers

To determine the reasons why some consumers use specific products,
and the reasons why others don’t

 Pricing Research

Aims to understand price sensitivity and price demand elasticity
curves for specific products

 Advertising Research

Used to fuel the development of advertising for brands as well as for testing the effectiveness of specific advertisements

 Brand Planning

Usually informed by any of the above research services, involve the development of focused and effective brand plans and brand DNA definitions.

 Shopper Research

To understand the dynamics of, and reasons behind, choice by consumers in a shopping situation

 Customer Service

Used to measure service satisfaction experienced by customers in
any market situation.