Brand Positioning Research

Brand positioning research involves both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how consumers perceive the various competing brands in the marketplace. These projects focus on perceptions about brands and how well they satisfy consumer’s needs. In particular, brand positioning research uncovers the reasons why consumers buy, or do not buy, brands competing in any marketplace sector.

Brand positioning research forms the foundation for the development of successful brand plans.

Employee Engagement Research

Employee Engagement Research involves designing tailor-made, company specific, employee engagement surveys with a view to developing management strategies designed to create energy and efficiency amongst employees.

Ultimately, cohesive, well led, well-motivated, energised and engaged employees are the route to fine products and services, satisfied customers and good margins on healthy turnovers.

Product Concept & Product Research

Product research involves both qualitative and quantitative consumer research designed to develop, fine tune and verify product concepts and finished products in order to improve consumer acceptance thereof. Further, product research goes on to perform sensory evaluation and benefit verification for finished products.

This type of research is essential in helping companies develop products that satisfy customers’ needs and are therefore destined for market leadership.

Triggers & Barriers Research

Triggers and barriers projects involve conducting qualitative and quantitative research to determine the reasons why some consumers use specific products, and the reasons why others don’t.

Understanding what triggers usage of a brand, as well as the barriers to usage of a brand is essential insight to brand management. Triggers & barriers research is useful in invigorating sales and maintaining brand health.

Product Launch Monitor (PLM)

Product launches are important and often costly exercises. Many fail! The Product Launch Monitor is a system of gauging consumer feedback on the various stages of a product launch.

From the initial introduction, through trial and hopefully adoption, the Product Launch Monitor provides key insights into what’s working and what is not when it comes to new or improved product introductions.

Pricing Research

Pricing research typically comprises of quantitative research which aims to understand price sensitivity and price demand elasticity curves for specific products.

Pricing research often goes on to understand the various attributes (features and benefits) perceived by consumers to reduce price sensitivity or to command a price premium. Well-designed pricing research can be extremely beneficial to improving margins and profitability.


Shopper research makes use of both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the dynamics of, and reasons behind, choice by consumers in a shopping situation.

Knowing what goes on in consumers’ minds and hearts leading up to, and at the point of, purchase goes a long way to swaying choice in the direction of your brand.


Advertising research applies both qualitative and quantitative methods to fuel the development of advertising for brands as well as testing the effectiveness of specific advertisements.

Well executed advertising research ensures proper return on investment in brand communication.

Customer Service Research

Customer service research focuses specifically on measuring service satisfaction experienced by customers in any market situation. Given the wide choice of brands available to consumers these days, it is essential to nurture customer loyalty by making sure that they are well served, consistently.

Customer service research goes a long way to making sure that customer satisfaction is solid and the all-important loyalty factor in place.

Creative Consumer Connection

The Creative Consumer Connection is a thoroughly tested and innovative qualitative process whereby winning ideas for new product, marketing and service delivery are developed. Successful new product, marketing and service delivery initiatives always have hot consumer needs at their heart.

The Creative Consumer Connection is a proven way of making sure that such initiatives are built upon these needs.

Brand Planning Services

Brand planning services, usually informed by any of the above research services, involve the development of focused and effective brand plans and brand DNA definitions.

Brand planning is an intellectual and interactive process, rooted in consumers’ needs and perceptions, culminating in clear and focused strategic direction for brand management activities.

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