Thank you for taking an interest in our heartfelt offer. Good business leaders understand the importance of being properly informed about engagement levels of their employees, customers and suppliers. This goes without saying, and is especially true in uncertain times such as these.

* Accordingly, we are offering you the opportunity to quickly, independently and professionally obtain honest and confidential engagement related feedback from employees, consumers and suppliers using our tried and tested engagement baseline survey methodology at no charge where survey respondents are available to be interviewed via email.

Engaged Employees are more productive, less wasteful less likely to resign, are happy in their work, spread good vibes, communicate well, are more innovative and definitely mean more profit.

Engaged Customers tend to repeat purchase with less quibbling about price, and go on to recommend your brand/s to friends, family and colleagues. This commitment and loyalty results in higher rates of sale amongst consumers who are less price sensitive, resulting in more profit.

Engaged Suppliers are loyal to your business and give preferential treatment to your operational needs resulting in superior quality and service, strategic synergy, innovation and long-term commitment with corresponding operational efficiencies, again, resulting in more profit.

Our offer applies to employees, customers and suppliers or any combination thereof. You may pick 1, 2 or all 3 categories of stakeholder as you see fit.

For 32 years Bateleur has been working with a wide range of respected South African companies providing deep insights into these 3 vital states of engagement in business. For employees, consumers and suppliers alike, there are two essential steps to the process:-

1. Conduct a Baseline Engagement Benchmark survey
2. Follow-up with a Diagnostic Engagement Deepdive survey

or, if you prefer,

We will get back to you quickly! Or read on for more information.

To explain further …

Baseline Engagement Benchmark Survey
The first step is to conduct a short survey comprising of 7 easy but key questions. These 7 questions are similar in nature with minor nuances depending on whether one is developing baseline engagement benchmark measures for employees, customers or suppliers.

The 7 Baseline Engagement Benchmark questions will give you following vital measures:-

  • ­Engagement Scores (% engaged, % neutral, % disengaged)
  • ­Emotive Response (% associations of a set of “feelings” about your company or brand)
  • ­Engagement Hypotheses (verbatim commentary on hypothesised diagnostics underlying engagement with your company or brand)
  • Segment Analyses (all results will be provided by departments in the case of employees, demographic segments in the case of customers, and vendor categories in the case of suppliers)

The preferred method of conducting this Baseline Engagement Benchmark survey is to send an invitation to employees, customers or suppliers by email. As mentioned, we are offering you an opportunity to conduct such a survey at no charge. And with no obligation to go on to Diagnostic Engagement Deepdive round two.

In some instances, the email route is not opportune. In such instances we need to resort to using our national field force of interviewers, or our national database of South African consumers to conduct the exercise. Naturally, interviewers need to be paid and respondents incentivised. Accordingly we would need to provide you with a keen quotation in such instances.

Diagnostic Engagement Deepdive Survey
Whilst many clients find extremely useful value out of simply doing the Baseline Engagement Benchmark survey, others feel the need to go on to part 2 of the process which is a Diagnostic Engagement Deepdive which has the purpose of going into far more depth about the underlying forces motivating engagement and distractions underlying disengagement.

Diagnostic Engagement Deepdive Surveys are by definition tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your organisation. As such they need significant design, analysis and interpretation consultation.

This design is greatly enhanced and supported by the outputs of the Baseline Engagement Benchmark survey, especially the Engagement Hypotheses that are generated.

Due to the personalised and tailor-made character of the diagnostic phase, fees are normally charged, quoted in advance and are modest.

To repeat, conducting the baseline survey in no way obliges you to continue on to the diagnostic phase.

To start the conversation, please let us know that you are interested and one of our Directors will contact you personally to get the ball rolling.

or, if you prefer,

We will get back to you quickly!

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Bateleur Brand Planning (Pty) Ltd is an extensively experienced South African research organisation dedicated to bringing accurate measurements of employee, brand and supplier engagement levels, along with actionable diagnostics to strategic planning tables in the boardrooms of blue-chip companies. Founded in 1988, Bateleur is a long-standing corporate member of SAMRA and ESOMAR and fully subscribes to their stringent codes of practices for ethical and quality standards.

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