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68 Corlett Drive, Melrose North, 2196

Our Values

Client Fulfilment

Make sure that our clients are always happy.
Provide a personal touch. Make sure that clients receive excellent value.

Communication & Storytelling

Produce creative, engaging, interesting and useful outcomes that are clear and concise.

Competence & Efficiency

Provide fast and accurate results through teamwork, efficiency and accessibility. Do things right the first time. Constantly train and learn new things.

Integrity & Honour

Always act in a way that upholds unquestionable morals, truthfulness, openness and honesty in all matters relating to the business. Let decision-making be driven by a core value of decency, empathy and civility.

Quality & Reliability

Produce trustworthy research results through quality in design, field operations processing and interpretation.

Imaginative Thinking

Always look at things differently. Drive innovation in research and brand planning. Be open minded and avoid dogma. Be versatile and open to developing many talents.

Respect for People

Realise that engagement, motivation and cooperation is essential for positive outcomes and is conditional upon treating people with respect, empathy and building mutual trust. Respect is independent of a person’s status, position or role in business activities. Accent is placed on nurturing and developing growth of all people within our sphere of influence.