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Bateleur is a unique market research provider in that our focus is fixed on our clients’ future success.

Since inception in 1988, Bateleur has provided customers with future focused solutions for their brands and businesses. Today, Bateleur continues to innovate by bringing technology, experience and attitude to bear in helping clients develop successful brand plans and business strategies, turning their future ambitions into turnover and profit.

More than 30 years of experience has taught us the importance of keeping a firm eye on the future, making sure that present activities are guided by future dreams, and dismissing the past as said and done, but for the learnings to be derived therefrom.

At Bateleur we use a wide range of both traditional and futuristic research methodologies to find out what your customers, your staff and your suppliers are thinking. This “perceptual topography” then forms the foundation upon which to strategically align your business activities to meet customer needs better than your competitors do.

The result? Increased market share, increased profit!

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